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The rest of Peru

Machu Picchu - Cusco - Lima

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Your text to link here...We went back to the lower terraces with a lot less tourists in Machu Picchu after our breakfast in the lodge and walked around a bit more. Truly enjoyed the idea of staying at the Sanctuary Lodge, we can go in and out the park multiple times a day.

The train ride from Machu Picchu back to Poroy seemed longer than expected, the service crew members on board even did a fashion show to keep us entertained. Of course I bought an alpaca scarf as a gift after the show! What an easy upsell! We checked back into Libertador Cusco for one night and decided to walk to Palacio Nazarenes, a new Orient Express hotel in Cusco, for dinner…. that last night in Cusco started going down hill from that dinner.. LOL. The hotel is very beautiful, don't take me wrong! And the service was very attentive, but there was a film crew from a travel program from Japan doing a filming and the whole vibe of the restaurant turned into a movie set… not cozy at all. I somehow felt like I need to eat something else after the USD84 dinner! Walked back to our hotel, and the room couldn't cool down at all, they moved us to a Jr Suite after a few calls to the front desk after midnight! Time to catch some sleep before our flight back to Lima in the morning!

When we arrived at Westin Lima, there were hundreds of Peruvian girls waiting outside of the hotel. Because of a Korean Boy Band, The Big Bang, was staying at the hotel. You could imagine how many girls screamed when I walked out from the van…… I should of wearing my sunglasses and smiled at them… but I didn't. I somehow got really sick during the last day in Peru… let's say I spent half of my time on the toilet… haha

We booked a cooking lesson at SkyKitchen, and it ended up to be a private lesson for just two of us. Yurac, the chef, and Christian took great care of us and we made Ocupa, Chupe and Alpaca for dinner plus Lucuma Mousse for dessert!

Next stop! California!

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Machu Picchu

Another highlight of the journey

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After 3 days of headache in Cusco and Urubamba, I was lucky enough to get over it right before we head up the train station at Ollantaytambo. But silly me pulled my back from lifting my suitcase in the closet of the room. Again… people shouldnt travel with such heavy things… haha

We were on board Vistadome from Ollantaytambo to Machu Picchu, which took us about 1.5 hours. Train was a bit late for a good 10 minutes, but we could totally feel the energy from everyone at the station. It was such a beautiful right and we got to the station and was met by a porter from Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge. A short but a crazy ride up to the hill….. we arrived at the magical lodge, which is only 60 meters to the entrance to the park. We decided to splurge when we plan the trip, simply because of the location. The only way that you can hike on MP and come back to shower and have lunch and then reenter again. Our guide showed us all the highlights, then we said bye bye to him after lunch. Franklin is his name, a young but well experienced guide. He was with us for 4 days, we learned a lot about Inka culture and the most important part is he understood our joke!

We were very lucky with the weather, super sunny but not too hot on day one at MP. We even hiked up to The Sun Gate in the afternoon and stayed till very late to leave the park area. We were able to simply sit by the guard house to experience MP without lots of tourists.

The night continued with Pisco Sour at the hot tub, with the view of Waynapicchu and part of MP. I had the first Alpaca for dinner (after tried Guinea Pig in Tambo del Inka)!! Some more sparkling wine to toast to the great day at MP then we were up for an early night to get ready for an early morning to see sunrise at MP.

Up at 5am… guess what? Andreas and I were the first two people to enter the site…. rushed up to the guard house and we were there to see clouds moved in and out and totally soaked up the energy from MP!!!

Now I am sitting at the lounge of Sanctuary Lodge to wait for the bus… weather wasnt as great as yesterday but the mystic MP was just simply amazing…. we are heading back to Cusco for one night then we will have a Peruvian cooking lesson in Lima!!

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Oh My GOD… I can't breath

Can't handle the altitude in Cusco, Peru

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The more I think about this, the more I believe that traveled from sea level at Easter Island to Cusco which is 3300m above sea level may not be the smartest idea. I am writing this one in Urubambo (staying at Tambo del Inka, a Luxury Collection) with a cup of Coca tea….. I really couldn't function when I was in Cusco, I thought I was young enough to handle this altitude.. but I was wrong. Headache plus super fast heartbeat from simply walking to the restaurant for breakfast.. IMG_0232.jpg

We had a great dinner at Limo, which is right on the town square, with modern Peruvian cuisine. The same night, there were hundreds of students marching and performing brass orchestra. I somehow enjoyed Cusco a lot, really charming small town, and almost european feeling. And of course I shopped a little bit, as you know… beijing can be very cold, so baby alpaca scarf will be just right for me to have.

After one night in Cusco, we moved to Urubambo. Which is a lot lower altitude than Cusco, enroute we visited Moray and pink salt area of Maras IMG_0023.jpg

Today, we went to Ollantaytambo and Pisac. The ruin at Ollantaytambo is just as amazing as Sacsaythuman in Cusco. A lot of walking of course, but totally lucky with the weather. Our lunch spot was at Hacienda Huayoccari, a private estate, which was tastefully done.3CE85A272219AC6817DA9403D0E469EE.jpg

Tomorrow, we will head down to Machu Picchu.

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Rapa Nui

sunny 22 °C
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We departed on Nov 1 and finally arrived on Rapa Nui, Easter Island, on Nov 4th. We took LAN from Lima to Easter Island, which landed around 7am and after the outdoor immigration line… we were met by driver from Explora Rapa Nui and then our first trekking started right after quick breakfast and shower… MOAI! IMG_0025.jpg

We spent 3 nights and nearly 4 full days on Easter Island, and this was our first time travel with Explora…. I have to admit this is almost addictive. Those guides are super nice and the idea of trekking to see something on the island is indeed very different than taking a bus to the destination to see something. IMG_0014.jpg We learned so much more on the way… We stopped from time to time to learn about the history and culture, and Explora really plan the time well that we dont see a lot of other tourists when we were at the destination. Not to mention that they always prepare fresh juice and even cheese platter.

I have never been so outdoorsy in my life… all those trekking through trees, and up and down to get to somewhere… But I really enjoyed it…

Cheers to Pisco Sour, Pisco Pina, Pisco Raspberry, Pisco Passion Fruit!!! Next stop, back to Lima and more Pisco Sour

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Too many flights!!

overcast 20 °C
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IMG_2451.jpgWe started on Nov 1st in Beijing to Houston, with stop over in San Francisco. A short night stay in Marriott Houston, which is right between terminal B and C... First time staying in a hotel which is connected to terminals by tram. Our breakfast in Houston turned out to be a fun one, I had a Texas sized omelet with LOTS.....the young chef is fun and very entertaining.

At 1pm on Nov 2nd, we checked back in to next flight from Houston down to Lima. The check-in and security was quick and a lot of fun time with UA ground crew and TSA security officers, southerners are far more relaxing I guess. With a bit of delay, we landed at Lima and a super long line of immigration....we checked in at Westin Lima for one night. Andrea at the front desk was warm and offered us a room on 26th floor with a great view of Lima plus two Pisco Sour as welcome drinks! Yum yum. Loving this Westin at the moment, really well designed and totally won my list of Best Westin hotel globally. We will have a half day tour of the city at 2pm then dinner.....and guess what? One more flight to Easter Island..... So many flights....

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